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Kiboko 2.0

The Ultimate
Camera Backpack



10-Years of History

Made by Photographers,
for Photographers

In the middle of a Serengeti photo excursion, two friends brainstormed an idea for a camera bag that was ultra-lightweight, made of premium materials, and protected valuable equipment from dust and exposure to the elements. At that moment, the Kiboko 1.0 was sketched onto a napkin. We optimized the best qualities of our first generation, and added more to create the all new Kiboko 2.0.

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The absence
of clutter

Et Cetera specializes in facilitating the absence of clutter. The well thought out combination of size, construction and materials lend to a common sense way of traveling which eases stress and maintains order.

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Gura Gear
Pro Team

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"It looks like the new bags are a true reboot of the much-loved originals, featuring the same design and layout that made the originals so popular.

The Kiboko 16L looks to be targeted at mirrorless shooters, capable of holding two mirrorless bodies and four lenses, as well as a 13ā€ laptop or tablet.

The Kiboko 22L, similar to my 26L, is capable of holding an entire DSLR kit, with room for two bodies, six lenses, or even a 300mm f/2.8 lens, along with a 15ā€ laptop.

The Kiboko 30L adds support for medium format gear or a 400mm f/2.8 on top of the 22Lā€™s capacity."

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