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Luminous Landscape

The amount of time and thought that went into choosing each material for [Uinta] was both surprising and re-assuring. The bag itself is made of quintuple-layered super-duper synthetic goodness. I’m sure the Gura website lays it out in detail for the super-techy crowd, but all I need to know is that the thing is made of the best materials this side of a Navy Seal kit, and it won’t break, rip, tear or otherwise crap-out barring some really egregious misuse.


Resource Magazine

If you are tackling some rocky mountain trails on your bike, you will want something that can gently cradle your precious equipment while you go all wile e coyote on that mountainside. Some unique features of the Uinta include the abililty to access your gear without removing the bag, compatibility with a hydration system, a padded laptop sleeve and the ability to compact and compress the bag, to name a few

The Phoblographer

[My Uinta] has been rained on, dropped in the dirt, scraped against rocks whilst climbing, snagged on branches (and by snagged I mean it ripped the branches off the tree), and just generally used as a proper outdoors bag. Through all that, you’d swear I just pulled it out of the original packaging.


Shutterbug Tools Roundup

The Sabi is a step up from a traditional photography beanbag.


Rangefinder Hot Products Buyer's Guide 2013

Designed for travel, but appropriate for locals shoots, the Bataflae 18L is Gura Gear's compact solution for carrying big gear.


Digital Photo Buyer's Guide 2014

Weighing in at just 4.9 pounds, the Bataflae 26L is still strong and durable enough to hold a pro DSLR with attached 400mm lens, additional lenses and accessories.

PDN Objects of Desire

Simple in execution but exceedingly utilitarian, this beanbag-like camera and lens stabilizer is intended for the times when a tripod isn’t fast or convenient enough.


The Phoblographer

I managed to fit a ton of equipment into this backpack without “pushing it” or having to cram things in. Needless to say that part did impress me significantly as I was able to fit practically as much as my large Think Tank Airport International roller bag (and that’s saying something!).


AP Testbench

[The Sabi Sack] is a simple product, but it works well, offering quick makeshift stability for long lenses. Placing it down, putting the camera‚Ä® on top and composing is a very streamlined process, which makes it ideal for wildlife and nature photographers.


This case (Bataflae 32L) is holding up very well. Even after weeks of heavy use, it still looks like new.



I enthusiastically recommend the Bataflae 26L as a general photo travel bag. And although (alas) it won’t allow you to zip through time and space—at least any faster than normal Earthbound modes of transportation currently allow—it should make air travel with a ton of photo gear a bit less of a hassle.


Martin Bailey


Built like an algorithm. 32 liters of super-organized storage (a 26er is also available). Indestructible. Subtle design doesn't scream "camera gear inside!"


USA today

As someone who often lugs around a tripod (and hates doing so), one of my favorite features of the Bataflae is the ability to mount the tripod either on the side or the center of the pack for better weight distribution.


SLR Lounge

The Kiboko 22L+ is a stylish and extremely well-built photography backpack.




Photo Backpack of the Year - Truly great photo backpacks are a rare breed. Put Gura Gear's Kiboko 22L+...in the uncommon "great" Category.


One Bag, One World

If you are a photographer or someone who carries expensive equipment and wants to be able to tote it in a nicely padded, customizable bag, then I would say consider the Chobe.


Andy Williams

Every single serious traveling photographer I've met and shown this bag to wants one. And why not? Our bag holds the gear of our livelihood and our passion - and if we're schlepping half way accross the globe, let's use the best one possible to protect our gear and make that part of our life easy.

Joshua Holko via Resource Magazine

I would say they have been absolutely critical. Ever since I started using Gura Gear camera bags when they first came on the market I have had no trouble with airport check-in despite my camera bags frequently being significantly overweight for carry-on luggage. I put this down to the bags understated design (it doesn’t have flaps and buckles hanging all over it and doesn’t scream “camera bag” to non-photographers) and its ability to hold huge amounts of equipment for its size.Their clever butterfly design openings and harness system for hiking, makes them one of the lightest and toughest camera bags on the market in their class

Expert Photography

My first impression was that it's a very well made bag, with good attention to detail, easy access, and rather importantly, lightweight...It's worth the money.



Cool Hunting

Designed for neat freaks, this lightweight (4 lbs) camera backpack offers more organization options than you'd imagine.


Cult of Mac

It’s also obvious that durability wasn’t Gura Gear’s only motive when designing the 22L+ — their attention to its little features reaches near Jobsian proportions.


The Chicago Tribune

There are endless pockets and pouches to hold everything from cables to memory cards and my wallet. The design of the backpack makes TSA security a breeze.



Some photo backpacks are built for short treks and others for more spirited adventures. Put the Kiboko 22L+ in the photo adventure category.



This bag is perfect for the photographer who needs to take a lot of equipment with them, wherever they go. It is especially ideal for international travellers due to its tuck away straps, which make it ideal for aeroplane travelling and commuters. Recommended.



The Gura Gear Chobe 19-24L camera bag is one that has hit the sweet spot. It has plenty of padding and features to make it comfortable to carry, but it also can be set up in whatever manner you need to ensure that you can safely carry as much or as little of your gear as you need on that particular day.



The primary differentiator here are the "butterfly-style" openings. To me, this design solved the "my lens is stuffed under another lens!" issue that many conventional bags face.



They're simple, practical and even ingenious in some respects. Indeed, nearly all of the gear I usually pack into my LowePro Trekker 600 – whose footprint is more than twice that of the Kiboko – fits comfortably in the Gura Gear backpack.


James Petrozzello

The overall quality of the bag is exceptional. The material is light but strong. The zippers and pulls are top notch. It is great looking, and every pocket is accessible and well-thought out.

2 Wired 2 Tired

We recommend the Gura Gear Chobe Photo Bag to anyone looking for a high-quality, durable photo bag, business case, or carry on. It’s a fantastic bag with many features that Randy is looking forward to using often over the years to come.


Travel Weekly

This classy little product does it all. At once an abrasion and tear-resistant prefessional-style camera bag and/or full featured carry on. The bag is a perfect fit for a DSLR, multiple lenses and a few compact cameras to boot.


Beauty News NYC

The Chobe is more than just a camera bag, almost a portable photo lab with compartments for a 15 inch laptop, iPad or other tablet, and convertible compartments for assorted lenses. Take out the compartments and the bag can be used for daily commuting, with room for a Kindle and expandable to fit whatever you need for your day on the job.


Outdoor Photographer

Head off on your next big shooting adventure with your equipment safely stowed in the Gura Gear Kiboko 22L+. Most DSLR bodies can fit inside, and there's enough room to carry up to a 500mm ƒ/4 lens.



Here's a little something for all you OCD photoglodytes out there: Gura Gear is here to enable you with their hyperorganized kit, in this case the Chobe 19-24L shoulder bag.



Resource Magazine

2011 Onion Award of Perfection

Popular Photography

Best for the Gear Lugger - Gura Gear Kiboko 30L Backpack: The butterfly-opening keeps you from exposing your equipment to the elements.



The best travel backpack I have ever used...The bag is without a doubt made to the highest standards in materials and build quality.


Yahoo! News

The Kiboko 22L+ is sized to fit the most stringent of international carry on requirements without sacrificing carrying capacity.

Dan Carr Photography

The Chobe is a great looking bag and time has obviously been spent on the aesthetics.



The Chobe is a sturdy well-designed, full-featured business and travel bag with room for a 15" laptop, ipad, and kindle. The high-tech, durable sail cloth bag expands to accommodate a change of clothes for a weekend out of town.

Photography Bay

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