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Uinta HowTo's

Learn how to configure the Uinta to work for your needs

Here you will find tips and tricks to take advantage of the incredible features of the Uinta adventure pack, Pro Modules, and THS.

If you have questions about anything you see here (or don't see here) please feel free to contact our support team, support@guragear.com, or jump over to our contact us page.


Using The Pro Modules

In this video you will learn how to properly use the Pro Modules with the Uinta Pack.


Fitting And Adjusting The Uinta Harness

This video shows you how to adjust the strap keepers and harness sysetem to fit you comfortably.


Working With The Tripod & Hydration System (THS)

This video will teach you how to install the THS and use it with a tripod or water hydration bladder.


Accessing Your Gear Without Removing The Pack

In this simple illustration, you will see how easy it is to access your gear without taking off your pack.


Managing Your Load With Compression Straps

This quick video illustrates how to use the side compression straps to keep your load close to your back.


Attaching The Rain Cover

This quick video shows you how to properly attach the included rain cover.

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