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How do you make an awesome bag better?

Kiboko 30L inspired something even better

Introducing the Bataflae 32L

After traveling the world the Kiboko came home and taught us a thing or two which we call the Bataflae 32L. It features dozens of improvements including an upgraded suspension, our new innovative patent-pending butterfly to full open access, and more depth to accomodate extreme glass and pro-bodies.

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"The new product range takes everything that was great about the original bags and improves on it in just about every respect."

"The design changes and refinements to the new bags are in many cases subtle but they add up to a significant overall improvement that makes for a very compelling reason for existing Kiboko owners to upgrade. If, on the other hand, you haven’t already pampered yourself and your camera gear with Gura Gear then you are about to be presented with a fantastic opportunity with the release of these new products. They are highly recommended for their robustness and overall design."

Joshua Holko

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Of course we love the new Bataflae ... so do they

"The Bataflae is an update to Gura Gear’s much-loved Kiboko bags, which have been my bag of choice as my travel has become more adventurous over the last few years."

David DuChemin

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