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Christophe Courteau

Christophe Courteau, born and raised in France, is a former biologist and previously worked for a French Environmental Research Unit. However, on a life altering day, he decided to stop everything and transform his childhood hobby, wildlife photography, into a real job. Chris started professional photography in 1995. After committing to professional photography, he has traveled around the world making images of nature's beauty. He is also a workshop teacher specialized in digital post-processing with Photoshop Lightroom, and a photographic safaris tour leader. Christophe's passion for the African Continent runs deep. Chris has spent more than six months at a time exploring the bush, searching for the elusive Leopard in some of the best Kruger Park Game Reserves in South Africa, tracking the rare African Wild Dogs of the Okavango Delta in Botswana, and approaching the last mountain gorillas of Rwanda, Uganda, or Congo. His passion for finding the elusive motivates him, and has developed him into an incredible photographer.

Chris is an award winning photographer and has received photographic prizes and commendations, like the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

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Website and Workshop Information


Camera Gear

  • Canon EOS 1D-X
  • Canon EOS 5D Mk III
  • Canon 500 mm F:4 L IS
  • Canon 300 mm F:2,8 L IS
  • Canon 70-200 mm F:2,8 L IS II
  • Canon 24-105 mm F:4 L IS
  • Canon 17-40 mm F:4 L
  • Canon 100 mm Macro F:2,8 L IS

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