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Will it fit? Yes.

"The new product range takes everything that was great about the original bags and improves on it in just about every respect."

- Joshua Holko

A grand opening.

The Bataflae 26L and 32L open two different ways to best suit your needs, butterfly and full. The butterfly opening is perfect for working in tight spaces or outdoors in the elements. The full opening is ideal for easy loading/unloading, configuring dividers, and studio settings.

The Bataflae 32L and 26L can open in two ways.

Stow-Away Harness System

Our fully-stowable harness features extra padding and lumbar support to make carrying your gear as comfortable as possible. For those times when you don't want buckles and straps flapping around, everything can be easily stowed and zipped away.

Stow-away harness system

Tripod flexibility

The Bataflae bags allow you to attach a tripod on the side or the middle back of the bag. When attaching the tripod to the back, simply secure with the Quick-Hooks and Kooh cord (included with every bag)

Attach your tripod in two ways.

Lightweight materials and design

The Bataflae line was designed to be as light as possible without compromising strength and durability. In addition to making things easier on your back, lighter bags also mean you have more weight to play with and still meet carry-on restrictions.


Light as a feather
Light as a feather

Room for more

All three Bataflae sizes have full-length front pockets. These are ideal for storing the little items you need easy access to, such as travel documents, keys, or a field notepad. To maximize your organization try adding an Et Cetera 0.5L or 0.75L pouch to the front pockets.

Full-length front pockets.

Built like an algorithm. 32 liters of super-organized storage (a 26er is also available). Indestructible. Subtle design doesn't scream "camera gear inside!"

Full-length front pockets.

Of course we love the new Bataflae ... so do they

What's your color?

In three stylish colors, there's a Bataflae for everyone.

Bataflae - Three Colors to choose from.

No big Deal

We use water resistant YKK RC FUSE zippers that are reverse sewn to maximize surface area and repel water. Goodbye water. Hello dry gear!

     rain justs beads up and runs off the Gura Gear Bataflae Backpacks.

Extra Protection

The material used on the Bataflae is backed with a water resistant coating and can easily handle the average sprinkle. For when the rain decides to throw cats and dogs your way, each bag comes with a stylish, seam-sealed rain fly. As an added benefit, the rain fly can double as a ground cover in dirty settings.

The rain cover can is not afraid of dogs and cats, at least when it is raining them.

Find which bag is best for you and your gear.

There is a bag for every photographer. All Bataflae bags are designed to hold pro-sized gear.

Compare Gura Gear Bataflae bags.


The Bataflae 18L's compact style is small enough for daily use, while large enough to carry pro-size gear. This 'little' bag can handle up to a 200-400mm lens or a pro body attached to a 70-200mm. Additionally, you can bring your 13" laptop along for the journey.

Carry up to a 13 inch laptop in your Bataflae 18L.
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